Last Chance to Save the Stroud Mansion/Callison-Lough Funeral Home

Please Help me save this rare beauty. Intention is to use it as a funeral home experience Arbnb.

Please see video at GoFundMe link:

Update 7-25-19

Thank you for your prayers about my house, the old funeral home! Please keep them up!!!! I just sent in my letter of intent to move the house. I have tentatively found the perfect spot in Lost Bridge Village. The lot across is a small Cemetery!!!! I just called the property owners today to see if this move is possible within their covenants. The man there said he thinks they would make an exception for this house as they know it and love it too. It would REALLY be perfect because they have tennis courts, library and a pool and near the lake. Nice short distances to Rogers, Eureka and Bentonville.

  I called the loan guy I was recommended to at Arvest. He seems to think this is totally doable! Then a lady at my bank said yes, they can use the house itself as collateral! So I don’t have to worry about that!!! I was really tied in knots about that. Then Lee Scarlett of Celtic custom construction gave me some ideas as to price for foundation, Wells and septic tanks! Those aren’t as bad and I thought either! Still! I plan on doubling everything when asking for lone in case something goes wrong.

  So the bank ladies and I were brainstorming names. Rest In Peace Inn is pretty obvious. Then I told them about Eldon the hairdresser who loves the house too. He wants to put in a hair salon called “Hair to Die For”! What a hoot. So pray all this works out. If it does, you are all invited to the open house! Allyssa:)